BK Branch

Pewaukee Now a Memory

It took 8 months due to timing, what was going on (elections, winter, holidays) - but In January things picked up 100 fold. The new owners both were widowed a

Christmas 2016

VERY behind in postings! Christmas was in Plymouth this year with just the Wisconsin living family. It was Landon's first Christmas and the first Christmas in the new house of Bill

O Branch

Gary and Family Visit

Gary and family stopped in Wisconsin July 8-9,2016 on the way back to MO. It was great to meet the kids. Some we met for the first time and a

April Birthdays – Jamie and Lynn!

Happy Birthday 2016 to Jamie and Lynn! https://youtu.be/OEQ1pCapnpE   https://youtu.be/pVj7VcemvOg