Mama Mia! That’s a lot of Garlic Bread

How much does our family like Mama Mia’s Garlic Bread?

Mama Mia’s has been a family favorite. A stronger attachment from the O-Branch and second generation of the G-Branch.

Harriet, Ralph, Lynn, Bill, and maybe Gary grew up with Mama Mia’s on Burliegh close to home. I think they were actually the ones who introduced me to it. The bread is made from the pizza dough in large brick size pieces and dipped in garlic butter after baking. Crunchy but not brown on the outside and chewy delicious on the inside – soaked in the garlic butter. This picture is only a portion cut off – Jamie’s photo from July 3, 2017

And it seems it is so good we eat first and then take a picture! Here is a picture from another visit by Kathy and Bill right before moving to Plymouth in 2016

Anyways – Sandy takes after Jerry and loves to share good food places with others thru sharing with them. This is one of her stories:

Sandy Marie: Yep, I ordered pizza and garlic bread for 12 people. When I ordered I asked how many pieces were in an order of garlic bread. They said 1. I figured people might want more than one piece so I ordered 24! When I went to pick up there were 2 big shopping bags for just the garlic bread! My car smelled like garlic for weeks. No one complained though 😋

The pizza is still good after all these years – some changes – but still good.

No problem in 2 of us polishing off a large pizza with no leftovers!

Bill and I have come close to finding the same cracker crust pizza at De O’malley’s in Plymouth as a substitute to satisfy the craving. (how does an Irish bar do Italian Pizza right????) But no place for the garlic bread!

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