Gary 1945

Happy 70th Gary!

A special multi-media Flip Book created for Gary 2015.

Click on the picture of the book in the box below to open and view the Flip Book. (When you hover with your mouse it should show the words View in Full Screen – then click! Tips for optimal viewing at the end of this post)

Direct Link:

Post on how this flip book project process was done.

Comments for Gary to see can be left in the section at the end of this page.


YouTube  – Gary’s 70th Celebration Video Playlist 

The videos created for this flip book as stand alone features can be viewed and shared via the YouTube playlist.

Tips for using the Flip Book media:

  • Depending upon your connection – you may need to give the book a little time to fully load audio and other features.
  • Thumbnail views come up as a default. You can close them from the left bottom corner of your screen to view the book larger.
  • You can also click on a thumbnail to navigate to different pages.
  • Controls for navigation through the book are also at the top of the screen.
  • Use the arrows on the side or click the corners to turn pages.
  • LOOK for AUDIO players and use the controls to hear audio created for this book.
  • Videos will play in the book – but you can also click on the YouTube icon and open in another browser window to open larger.
  • You can use the magnify glass icon to zoom in on pages and make things larger.
  • You can view on a SmartTV if you have internet access set up and enabled. (Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV or just a newer TV that has Internet access) Makes it nice for more than one person viewing at a time.
  • You can share the book with others right from the control bar at the top for email of the screen(envelope icon) or via social media through the icon at the bottom right.
  • There is a Help section if you need any help with the flip book. Click on the ? mark icon.

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