Pewaukee Now a Memory

It took 8 months due to timing, what was going on (elections, winter, holidays) – but In January things picked up 100 fold. The new owners both were widowed a few years ago and found each other – now they found our house to be their home. So about the same age as us. We are told they are extremely excited. Feels good to know that new energy will be put into the home and it will be loved.

The house was home for 10 years for us. We loved the place and all it had to offer. The house was great but in a time in our lives when we really didn’t need large for just two of us and certainly not the size of projects and maintenance. We are not afraid of effort or work – but when you are stubborn and do things yourself instead of paying to have it done – way too large!

I will miss the touches we added like the leaded glass for transoms, the 100-year-old door knobs – the place and access to retail and activities – and was a perfect commute when working,

I believe all things happen for a reason. This home helped us thru some hard years of health issues with family by keeping us located within easier connection. We lost 3 parents during this time, but were closer to be able to be as involved as we could be. Immediate family had some health challenges during this period and the one level and location to reach health care and give space for other family to gather was helpful.

The transition time seemed to be right. Jamie and Jenny settled in their locations and were establishing their family homes in Omro and Plymouth.

Our first grandchild was born and brought to the family the new hope and joys of life after some years of losses and challenges.

Our new home in Plymouth feels so right. The size is just right and offers comfort and yet still requires us to be active with projects and maintenance, but at a size that will keep us busy – but not overwhelm us.

Pewaukee was a good choice for the time. But it was a transition home – the place to be  to discover what and where we really needed to be. The place that gave us comfort and memories as our family discovered where they might settle for a while and start next chapters.

Leaving with good memories and no regrets.

Looking forward to writing the new chapters ahead.

Here is the album of pictures when listing the house for sale:

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