South Hills -Plymouth Bound

Bill and Kathy moved to Plymouth!

July 19th 2 Men and a Truck X 2 loaded up most of the stuff from Pewaukee and got it to Plymouth. Closing on the house was July 15. Bill was not feeling well – a kidney infection. So Kathy, Sandy, and Annalies loaded up cars with clothes and supplies and spent Saturday and Sunday painting and cleaning. Jenny and Landon came by and helped keep everybody entertained during breaks with snuggles. Jamie came by on Saturday and helped with some unpacking.

One room was painted and set up to become Landon’s room at Ma and Papa’s house.

The room that was UW-WI Badger red with large logo on the wall was transformed into a guest room retreat.

This picture is phase one….look in the album for more pictures of the outcome.

The movers took from 8am to 7pm. Unpacking began. Jamie’s wedding August 12 was coming up and Lynn was coming to WI for a 10 day visit. Things needed to get set up for at least some sort of everyday living. Bill was getting better, but the first two weeks he was still needing rest.

August 3rd Lynn arrived. We were at least unpacked from 90% of the boxes. The main floor was 80% set up. The day she arrived we got deliveries of a lamp, some things for Landon’s room and some door mats. It was like Christmas opening more boxes!

The eating area needed a light fixture. We had bought one we liked and hoped it was going to get put up on the day of closing or before moving in -but things didn’t work out. While Lynn was here she offered to help. Bill supervised and the two of us got it hung. An hour job took us most of the afternoon. Toggle bolts were a new thing to learn. The fixture was heavy! Kathy got brave and drilled the holes for the bolts. The fixture was installed and lit up! – but looking one side seemed to hang lower – a toggle bolt didn’t open! The fixture was taken down and we had to start over. This time we decided to tape the wires and wirenuts with electrical tape. The light worked when put together. We put on the tape and finished. Then we tried it and it didn’t go on! We were tired and decided to clean up and try again the next day. Bill  – Mr. Supervisor – said the job isn’t done and you don’t stop until it is done right. So we took it down again and this time Bill watched the wiring and helped out. 3rd time a charm – It went up, worked and looks fantastic! Oh – and during this we figured out all the labels on the globes were wrong and had to figure out the correct matches!

things are still coming together check out the album to see the progress!








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