October 9-17, 2017

This update spans a longer time period. Sometimes we are all just sort of doing what we need to do – so there isn’t all that much to pull together unless I start making up stories.

Packers had a huge loss this week with #12 Aaron Rodgers being tackled and breaking his collar bone. Looks to be a season ending injury.

Jenny and Tyler have been working (with help from Grandpa Dave) on updates in the house. A new faucet for the half bath and new light fixtures for the hall, kitchen and dining room.

The hall light went up smooth – Tyler on his own.
The kitchen light hit a snag. Dave came to help. Then installed, they found out the dimmer switch was not compatible and started to smell like it was burning. More to do.
The faucet went in smooth and no leaks – but then they say the pipes were leaking – so more work-  nothing ever goes like you think it will.
Dining room light still has to be put in…..



The exercise must be giving Jenny energy and focus – she is planning and thinking of things-  plus trying to get them done. Tyler is on board. Just like any couple – someone has to get it going – once you start it is fine, it is just the first step to planning and committing that is the hardest.

Meals are in the mix as well.





We have been keeping up with things. 28 LED bulbs installed in the lower level!  Bill’s car license had to be renewed. Of course-  the battery went dead because we hadn’t driven it in 2 months….then it resets so there isn’t enough data for emissions testing. Drove around – to Milwaukee and to Fond du Lac – and it still wasn’t enough to register enough data! We were then told – all highway wouldn’t do it. Drive in the city for a few days! What? Plymouth? Like that is 10 minutes if you go all thru town! So we did some neighborhood tours. Then I took another Plymouth tour and headed out to Sheboygan Falls and back. 3rd time tested PASSED!

Since Lynn was here I have become interested in sewing. I am making bags right now from vintage tablecloths for Christmas and grocery shopping. I set up a sewing/craft area in the lower level. Raised the table with bed risers to make it counter height. It works fantastic! Then I was late night shopping online – Yikes! I bought a new sewing machine. The one I do have is a Singer from Target – $60 and does a basic stitch. It has also been broken for the last 5 years. It only has one presser foot and the foot doesn’t go up and down – the mechanism and lever broke. I have to pull it by hand or with a pliers. So I bought a new one! Computerized – 110 stitches, auto threading needle….8 presser feet. So excited. Happy Birthday to me!


Marilyn (Vorpagel) asked if I was going to sell bags in Elkhart Lake at the Farmer’s Market – I just may have to! And Hey Tyler! – Now we know there is a Farmer’s Market near by!

Bill had a Dr. Ahuja appointment and doesn’t have to go back for a year! He seems to be trying more things and feeling better. I guess he really has had a year of not feeling right with kidney infections etc. and that made a difference. Hoping good things continue and more progress.

We celebrated annual Dixie Cheeseburger and Malt Day when we were in Milwaukee – at Oscar’s of course.


Having fun decorating the yard too….



Landon continues to grow and change rapidly. He is starting to play and imagine as he is playing more than just using a toy. He is talking a lot – not so much that anyone can understand  -but he is chatty.

New games with Grandma and Grandpa


Playing and helping Ma and Papa




Focusing on new things that Mama made for him to do.


And starting to figure out self help things – like taking off his pajamas and throwing them out of the crib during the night. 🙂


and a couple GIFs from Google Assistant.



Sandy was home for a weekend. Back to Edmonton – but will finish up there Nov. 16th.

The one who is always moving stuff on to others and out – for some reason still has a tablecloth from Harriet’s rummage sale when moving form 87th st. to the condo. We now have one for me to make some bags out of – how terrific is that?


Annalies got her first succulent plant! – Great start!

Lynn and Mike went to Nevada and bought a camper. Smaller than the bus. They will use it for road trips instead of sleeping in the back of the pick up truck. They drove it to Bakersfield for mechanical work and Mike will remodel and update things in it over the winter while they are in Hemet CA. So driving over 2000 miles in four days!


On the road she spotted this sign. 🙂


They made it back to Gig Harbor – did lawn work, and more…hopefully looking forward to just relaxing now until they head south for the winter. 🙂

Lynn also got a clear report after a mammogram recheck. She is healthy and no signs of things to worry about. Yeah!


Jamie and David are doing well. Jamie is a little lonely in the evenings with David working 2nd shift – but she is adapting. They look forward to their time together on the weekends.

Jamie is doing good. Dr. says it takes a year after a relapse sometimes to get back to where you were. Hoping she has another 10 years  or more before another one and can again say she forgot about that part.

She of course is cooking -she shared the recipe with Jenny. Here pics are almost like a tutorial – Riced cauliflower stir fried rice with chicken! Yum!



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